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From the intense distance such a lot of our foodstuff travels to arrive our tables to the impressive merits of consuming tomatoes, John Farndon exhibits the superb, frequently stunning, fact in the back of the nutrients we consume. protecting every little thing from the massive companies that regulate meals creation worldwide to the risks of nutrients dyes, this publication finds the complicated proof in the back of the best of food. discover simply what GM nutrients is and why you'll devour it unknowingly, how foodstuff will get its flavour, how a few meals aren't relatively as nutritious as they need to be, how bringing unique meals for your desk may perhaps actually be costing the Earth, and masses extra. this is often a necessary consultant to the proof at the back of meals, the only very important factor on your existence along with air and water - and the world's largest company.

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Most adults at the time could not digest the lactose in milk and so could not drink the cows’ milk. A few could, though, and this gave them a tremendous health advantage. Milk and foods made from it, such as cheese, are rich in nutrients and energy. So those who could take dairy products grew much healthier and survived in larger numbers to pass on their lactosetolerance genes to their offspring. There is some debate about how the lactose-tolerance gene emerged. Some believe it developed in several places, such as Sweden, where lactose tolerance is very high, while others think it developed from a single source in the Middle East about 6,500 years ago.

Besides reducing the chances of irritable bowel syndrome, these probiotics are being investigated for a range of other health benefits, including reducing the risk of colon cancer, lowering lactose intolerance, cholesterol and blood pressure, and improving immune function – all by aiding digestion. Research has not yet proved conclusive, but there are many who argue that the same health benefits can be achieved more certainly by eating a diet rich in fibre, which has the same benefits for digestion as are claimed for probiotics.

In 2002, annual consumption was around 105 million 60-kilogram bags. Annual production was over 115 million bags. And so a surplus has been building up each year. Interestingly, despite the explosion of coffee-shop chains such as Starbucks, Costa and so on, and the corresponding arrival of specialist coffees – from mochas to skinny lattes – coffee consumption has, if anything, declined. The result is that world coffee prices have plummeted to their lowest level for a hundred years. You mightn’t have noticed this when you buy your coffee because the corporate giants that control most of the world’s coffee – Nestlé, Kraft (Philip Morris), C 18 • 101 FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT FOOD Folgers (Procter & Gamble), Sara Lee and Tchibo – haven’t passed on these price reductions to their customers.

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