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By Gary Bristow

ISBN-10: 0071396098

ISBN-13: 9780071396097

* A complete examine advisor delivering pilots the solutions they should excel on their technical interview
* positive factors approximately one thousand capability questions (and solutions) which may be requested throughout the technical interview for pilot positions
* huge scope--ranges from mild plane via heavy jet operations
* Culled from interviewing practices of best airways world wide
* comprises interviewing guidance and strategies

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For a pilot to recover an aircraft suffering from Dutch roll, he or she would apply opposite aileron to the direction ofthe ron, assuming that the yaw dampers are not serviceable. 32 Chapter One Although the root cause of Dutch roll is the yawing motion, application of a correcting rudder input by the pilot normally would worsen the situation. This is so because the yawing motion in the oscillatory cycle happens extremely quickly, and the pilot's reaction would not be quick enough to catch the yaw, which already has developed into a roll and dissipated.

3. Ensure a minimum horizontal tail plane deflection, which produces a minimal download airforce on the tailplane and is required to balance the lift-weight pitching moment. Therefore, the stabilizer and/or the elevator is kept streamlined to the relative airflow, which results in a. Minimal drag. Therefore, performance is maintained. b. Elevator range being maintained. Therefore, the aircraft's pitch maneuverability is maintained. The aft position of the center of gravity is limited to 1. Ensure that the aircraft is not too tail heavy so that the horizontal tail plane has a sufficient turning moment available to make the aircraft longitudinally stable.

1. Wing slots are the main design feature that delays/suppresses stall speed. A slot is a form of boundary layer control that reenergizes the airflow to delay it over the wing from separating at the normal stall speed. The wing therefore produces a higher coefficient of lift (C L ) and can achieve a lower speed at the stall angle of attack. 2. , wing tips. What changes the aircraft's angle of attack at the stall? The movement of the center of pressure point at the stall causes a change in the aircraft's angle of attack.

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