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By John English

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This ebook is an creation to Ada ninety five. It makes use of an example-driven process which progressively develops small trivial courses into huge case-study variety courses. the most emphasis of this publication is on upkeep difficulties, and utilizing object-oriented expertise to put in writing maintainable, extensible courses. application layout is brought through the e-book, with hypothetical upkeep situations used to shoe layout shortcomings. and revise them to accomodate upkeep wishes. useful matters corresponding to debugging courses are tackled, and demanding Ada positive aspects no longer present in different languages are handled virtually and early on within the textual content. those contain exception dealing with, user-defined forms, strategies, services, programs and baby applications. Preface and entry to chapters three and 17 plus all examples and options will be downloaded.

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January 1956 counts as month 11 of 1955, so M is 11 and Y is 55. This gives us: Day = = = = = = ((26M-2)/10 + D + Y + Y/4 + C/4 - 2C) mod 7 ((26*11-2)/10 + 25 + 55 + 55/4 + 19/4 - 2*19) mod 7 (284/10 + 25 + 55 + 13 + 4 - 38) mod 7 (28 + 25 + 55 + 13 + 4 - 38) mod 7 87 mod 7 3 (Wednesday). It will help to introduce an extra variable for the value C since it’s used twice in the formula above. htm (2 of 18) [6/23/2003 8:36:24 AM] Ada 95: Chapter 4 if Month < 3 then Year := Year - 1; Month := Month + 10; else Month := Month - 2; end if; Century := Year / 100; -- first two digits of Year Year := Year mod 100; -- last two digits of Year Put (((26*Month - 2)/10 + Day + Year + Year/4 + Century/4 - 2*Century) mod 7); end Weekday; The Ada version of Zeller’s Congruence is practically identical to the original except that the single-letter variable names in the original have been replaced by longer names.

The symbol ‘:=’ is usually pronounced ‘becomes’, so we can read this statement as ‘Answer becomes m’. You must give a variable name on the left of ‘:=’, but you can have any expression you like on the right hand side as long as it produces a value of the correct type when it’s evaluated. Note that there is no else part in this if statement. If Answer is the letter M, line 2 is executed; if it is the letter A, line 4 is executed; and if it is anything else, we don’t do anything. htm (4 of 21) [6/23/2003 8:36:22 AM] Ada 95: Chapter 3 specified after if and elsif are true.

End if; Not in is the opposite of in: if Answer not in 'A' .. 6 The null statement Case statements must cover all the possible values of the expression between case and is. This means that there has usually to be a when others clause, but sometimes you don’t want to do anything if the value doesn’t match any of the other selections. The solution is to use the null statement: when others => null; -- do nothing The null statement is provided for situations like this one where you have to say something but don’t want to do anything.

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