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By J.H.U. Brown, J.F. Dickson

ISBN-10: 012004904X

ISBN-13: 9780120049042

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22. , 1972a), was obtained for a sample of urine from a newborn infant. M a s s spectra ( E I ) were obtained for major peaks, and for most minor p e a k s as well, by m a n u a l triggering of a G C M S - C O M system. T h e spectra were acquired and plotted, after n o r m a l ization and assignment of m/e values t o each peak, as a computer-based operation. T h e spectra were examined individually, and compared with reference spectra obtained through animal experiments (for metabolites) or directly (for d r u g s ) .

Cluster ions of t h e t y p e + ( H 2 0 ) n H are formed, with t h e distribution of η depending on t h e t e m perature and water concentration. ïf an organic solvent is introduced, secondary reactions occur leading to organic ions. M e t h a n o l and ethanol yield ions resembling those from water. Benzene gives two ions: C 6 H e + N 4 t - > CeH et + 2N 2 CeHet -\- CeHe —• Ci 2 Hi 2 t T h e formation of ions due to benzene and benzene dimer in a C I source has been noted by other investigators, including Field et al.

Other compounds have not y e t been identified. If a narrower mass range is scanned, it is possible to increase t h e sensitivity of detection. Figure 29 shows a scan of t h e mass range from about 150 to 200 amu for t h e same sample. T h e nicotine peaks are now very strong; t h e subject was smoking during t h e collection period, and nicotine was t h e major u r i n a r y base. T h e peak a t 177 a m u is believed to be due to cotinine (a nicotine metabolite). I n this work, both charge transfer and proton transfer are believed + to result from reaction with C 6 H 6 t .

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