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Girardi, personal communication) suggest t h a t the increased transformability of older cultures may be an artifact of the infection procedure used. Apparently for a culture to acquire an indefinite life span, integration of at least part of the SV40 genome must take place and this occurs more efficiently in dividing cells. If cultures are infected when cells are confluent, a permissive cycle of virus replication and cell death results. Transformation, if it occurs, does so as a result of reinfection of cells by this newly synthesized virus.

1976a) have shown that old or quiescent diploid fibroblasts need delipidized serum protein in the medium in order to incorporate [ 14 C]acetate into lipid, whereas young or log phase cells do not. , 1977). Chang (1962) has shown age-related increases in the incorporation of palmitate and cholesterol into cell lipids in h u m a n amnion cells during aging, but no age-related changes in the regulation of cholesterol synthesis has been found in skin and fibroblasts from old h u m a n subjects (Shakespeare and Postle, 1979).

Most of the increased transcriptional activity observed at this time was attributed to increased nucleolar activity. Courtois (1974) reported no change in the template activity of chromatin or in the relative amount of nuclear protein in chick fibroblasts during aging in vitro, although he found differences in amino acid incorporation into histone and especially nonhistone protein in old and young cells. , 1980). Histone-chromatin complexes dissociate less readily in old fi- 34 VINCENT J. CRISTOFALO AND BETZABE M.

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