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By M L Anson; J T Edsall

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This method is based on the opening of the lactame bond of the pyrrolidone nucleus by treatment of 2-pyrrolidone-5-carboxylic acid and its amide with hydrogen chloride-saturated ethanol. HzC- CaHsOH H i r C O h T 1 2 ----+ Ot! N ‘’ H HCI H2C-CHz i : Hi I:-CONHz C Z H00 ~ NHs, HCl For the preparation of I11 (diagram 5), t h e starting compound is ethyl I,-2-pyrrolidone-5-carboxylate (C,), prepared according t o Chiles and Noyes (118). It is converted to the corresponding hydrazide (CZ)and azide ((28).

The latter workers, in particular, described the production and purification of a biologically active substance, which they named polymyxin. At almost the same time, Ainsworth, Brown, and Brownlee (16) announced the discovery of the production of a new antibiotic called aerosporin, by B. aerosporus, a species closely related t o B. polymyxa. Later aerosporin was classified with the polymyxin group under the name polymyxin A. Actually, it appears that there are several polymyxins, each synthesized by different strains of B.

E. Antibacterial and Toxic Activity. Crude preparations of licheniformin possess antibiotic activity (107) against a wide range of organisms. The licheniformins A and C are distinctly less active than the crude product, with respect to the acid-resistant microorganisms, whereas licheniformin B is distinctly more active. The three licheniformins, t o different degrees, provoke in mice severe renal lesions, which can lead to death. If one compares the toxicity of licheniformins with their antibiotic activity on 55 NATURALLY OCCUIZRING m:PTInEs TABLES (108) mg.

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