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Everyone has so dense a layer of reactive personality that to talk objectively about anything is out of the question. I would be sorry for everyone living on the ordinary terms, if they showed any sign of knowing how to be sorry for themselves. People might die as if they meant it. * I would rather regard myself as a failure than anything as impossible. * The psychology of sane people is always worse rather than better than one might imagine. In the universe there is room for an infinite series of beginnings.

No amount of study of the life-cycle of the great-tit would succeed in convincing me that I ought to adopt certain attitudes and not others; the same applies to rats, monkeys and human beings. 4i CHAPTER 9 Guilt I referred in the last chapter to the hostility with which human beings regard one another; a hostility which is, in fact, a displaced form of aggression against the universe, and which is rationalised as altruism. ' Orthodox psycho-analysis will go so far. But it is not, of course, prepared to extend its findings to include reactions to the human situation as such.

If you never believe that human society, or collective opinion, can confer any meaningfulness upon your actions or attitudes, you can never develop the human psychosis in a permanent form. 1 This book is supposed to arouse deeply humanitarian feelings. The hero, a prisoner of war, is trying to escape home to his 1 Arnold Zweig, 1 9 2 7 ; translated, under the title The Case of Sergeant Grischa, by Eric Sutton, Hutchinson International Authors, 1 9 4 7 . 56 wife and child (sacrosanct purpose-surrogates).

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