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Describes and translates the period of the Civil battle, its occasions, and themes with viewpoints, definitions, file themes, chronologies, sidebars, and facts.

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American Civil War Reference Library

Describes and translates the period of the Civil struggle, its occasions, and subject matters with viewpoints, definitions, record subject matters, chronologies, sidebars, and records.

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But they were also aware of the South’s dependence on slavery, and they desperately wanted to keep the states united. Moreover, many people in both the North and the South felt that the “peculiar institution,” as slavery was sometimes called, was likely to die out on its own. By the early 1790s, some white Southerners were joining their Northern brothers in speaking Slavery and the American South 5 out against the evils of slavery. In addition, many observers predicted that as Southern states diversified their economies in the coming years (adding industries other than cotton to the mix), their reliance on slave labor would diminish.

Since slaves were valuable, slaveholdSlavery and the American South 7 Thomas Jefferson, the Slaveowner Who Wrote the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson is one of the most famous figures in American history. He was a brilliant man who served his country remarkably well in many important capacities—including an eight-year stint (1801–9) as the United States’ third president. He also wrote America’s Declaration of Independence, which explains the nation’s democratic ideals and values and continues to be hailed as its most important document.

Vesey’s plan, which included burning the city and killing as many whites as possible, unraveled after a slave informed white authorities about it. Vesey and thirty-six other blacks were subsequently hanged for their involvement in the plot. Both of these plots struck fear into the hearts of white Southerners. But the rebellion that caused the most panic in slaveholding states was an 1831 slave revolt in Virginia led by a slave named Nat Turner (1800–1831). One August night, Turner and a small band of followers murdered the family that owned them, then roamed the countryside, adding dozens of angry slaves to their group along the way.

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