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By David Morse

ISBN-10: 1349078972

ISBN-13: 9781349078974

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Harriet Martineau was shocked at the spirit of factionalism she found and the level of intra-section abuse in what was ostensibly a united country: I question whether the enmity between British and the Americans, at the most exasperating crisis of the war, could ever have been more intense than some that I have seen flashing in the eyes, and heard from the lips, of Americans against fellow-citizens in distant sections of their country. I have scarcely known whether to laugh or to mourn when I have been told that the New England people are all pedlars or canting priests; that the people of the south are all heathens; and those of the west barbarians.

There were dramatic movements of population as many farmers on the Eastern seaboard, dissatisfied with the low incomes they were getting from working exhausted soil, moved to richer pastures in the Ohio valley. The religious and intellectual life of America was profoundly affected by these changes. It now becamed more difficult for ministers in traditional churches to exert the authority over their congregations to which they were accustomed, for those who were dissatisfied with the rigid discipline to which they were subjected found they had the option of either moving away or even adopting a more congenial faith.

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