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By Carolin Loos

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Carolin bathrooms introduces novel techniques for the research of single-cell information. either methods can be utilized to review mobile heterogeneity and hence boost a holistic figuring out of organic tactics. the 1st technique, ODE restricted combination modeling, allows the identity of subpopulation buildings and assets of variability in single-cell photo info. the second one process estimates parameters of single-cell time-lapse information utilizing approximate Bayesian computation and is ready to take advantage of the temporal cross-correlation of the information in addition to lineage information. 

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For distributions that are defined by more than their first two moments, higher order MEs can be used to describe the system and be linked to the mixture distributions. Not only the mixture distribution can be exchanged. g. the linear noise approximation (Kampen, 2007, Chapter X). 4 can be incorporated into ODE-MMs. So far, the number of subpopulations needs to be predefined and can be chosen by performing model selection for different numbers of mixture components .

005). We want to emphasize that by μki and σk2i , we denote the means and variances of the parameters instead of the corresponding parameters of the log-normal distribution. 1 conc. 1 conc. 1 conc. 1 conc. 1 conc. 1 conc. 7: Artificial data for different scenarios of a conversion process of A and B with two subpopulations that differ in the response to a stimulus: Scenarios with (A) no parameter variability, (B) low parameter variability and (C) high parameter variability between individual cells.

No additional parameters need to be introduced for every time point, yielding that the availability of measurements at more time points or more experiments, does not increase the number of parameters. Furthermore, the proposed method provides additional insight into variability within a subpopulation. Intrinsic noise, arising due to the inherent stochasticity of the underlying biological processes, and extrinsic noise, which emerges, for example, from differences in parameters of the cells in a subpopulation, can now be taken into account.

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