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By Jennifer Boothroyd

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An attractive examine the ways in which animals engage with humans and crops.

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There, enzymes break it down, and cells in the gut cavity absorb the nutrients. Undigested parts are expelled through the mouth. Anemones are cnidarians that spend their entire lives in the polyp form. The body of an anemone is a thick column with two distinct ends. The upper end, or the oral disk, contains the mouth, an opening surrounded by a ring of tentacles. The other end of the animal, the pedal disk, attaches to hard substrates with a suction cup–like action. Some anemones secrete a sticky adhesive to help hold them in place.

The broad, flat blades of the sea grass strap weed (Posidonia australis) can be seen just below the surface of the water. Narrow-leaved eelgrasses (Zostera capricorni, Zostera muelleri, and Heterozostera tasmanica) prefer shallow water and can even be found on mudflats that are exposed to air. Paddle weeds (Halophila ovalis and Halophila decipiens), which have short, oval leaves, grow in solitary clumps instead of meadows like the other sea grasses. Depending on the climate, estuaries may contain other species such as turtle grass (Thalassia testudinum) and manatee grass (Syringodium filiforme).

Photosynthetic monerans are collectively called cyanobacteria, and include Anabaena affinis and Leptolyngbya fragilis. In the six-kingdom classification system, the most common monerans, those that live in water, soil, and on other living things, are placed in the kingdom Eubacteria. Archae- Microbes and Plants readily penetrate the tightly packed, waterlogged mud particles that cover much of the flats. As a result, sediments just beneath the surface are usually anoxic, or lacking oxygen. Once the oxygen is gone, anaerobic bacteria, which require oxygen-free environments, move in.

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