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This general provides equipment for the creation of top quality welds by using certified welders utilizing licensed welding approaches, fabrics, and equipment.

This average covers the fuel and arc welding of butt, fillet, and socket welds in carbon and low-alloy metal piping utilized in the compression, pumping, and transmission of crude petroleum, petroleum items, gas gases, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and the place appropriate, covers welding on distribution structures. It applies to either new development and in-service welding. The welding should be performed by means of a shielded steel arc welding, submerged arc welding, fuel tungsten arc welding, fuel steel arc welding, flux-cored arc welding, plasma arc welding, oxyacetylene welding, or flash butt-welding technique or by means of a mixture of those methods utilizing a guide, semiautomatic, mechanized, or automated welding process or a mixture of those innovations. The welds could be produced by way of place or roll welding or through a mixture of place and roll welding.

This ordinary additionally provides inspection ways to make sure the right research of welding caliber by using certified technicians and authorized equipment and gear. It covers the strategies for radiographic, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, and ultrasonic trying out, in addition to the attractiveness criteria to be utilized to creation welds verified to destruction or inspected by means of radiographic, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, ultrasonic, and visible trying out methods.
While this common is entire, it could possibly no longer handle all matters that could come up. The absence of steering or specifications isn't to be thought of prohibitive to a specific task or procedure that's dependent upon sound engineering judgment. for instance, different criteria, trustworthy engineering assessments and analyses, or validated practices could provide valuable connection with identify sound engineering judgment.

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In that event, they shall be considered separate indications. b) the width of an ESI indication exceeds 1/16 in. 6 mm), c) the aggregate length of ISI indications exceeds two times the thinner of the specified wall thicknesses joined and the width exceeds one-half the thinner of the specified wall thicknesses joined, d) the aggregate length of ESI and ISI indications exceeds 8 % of the weld length. 1 General Porosity is defined as gas trapped by solidifying weld metal before the gas has a chance to rise to the surface of the molten puddle and escape.

13 mm); b) the aggregate length of indications of HB in any continuous 12 in. (300 mm) length of weld exceeds 2 in. (50 mm); c) individual indications of HB, each greater than 1/4 in. (6 mm) in length, are separated by less than 2 in. (50 mm); WELD NG OF P PELINES AND RELATED FACILITIES 41 d) the aggregate length of all indications of HB exceeds 8 % of the weld length. 10 Cracks Cracks shall be considered a defect should any of the following conditions exists: a) the crack, of any size or location in the weld, is not a shallow crater crack or star crack; b) the crack is a shallow crater crack or star crack with a length that exceeds 5/32 in.

315 in. 4 mm). 625 in. 250 in. 4 mm). A hole with specified diameter approximately equal to the inside diameter (ID) of the branch pipe shall be cut in the run. The weld shall be made with the run pipe axis horizontal and the branch pipe axis extending vertically downward from the run pipe. The completed weld shall exhibit complete penetration around the entire circumference. Completed root beads shall not contain any burn-through (BT) of more than 1/4 in. (6 mm). The sum of the maximum dimensions of separate unrepaired BTs in any continuous 12 in.

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