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By Daniele Piomelli

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This booklet is ready the arachidonic acid cascade, its biochemistry, its pharmacology, and its roles in sign transduction. Arachidonic acid may well function an intracellular moment messenger in lots of phone kinds, in addition to precursor for biologically energetic molecules reminiscent of the eicosanoids (a kin of oxygenated metabolites which may act as moment messengers or as neighborhood mediators), and anandamide (an endogenous cannabinoid substance). Dysfunctions within the arachidonic acid cascade underlie a couple of critical pathological stipulations, making those biochemical pathways the objective for medicinal drugs of medical value.

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The enzymatic machinery necessary for the biosynthesis of the putative second messenger should be present in cells 2. Activating first messenger receptors should elicit the accumulation of the putative second messenger 3. A mechanism should exist for the rapid inactivation of the putative second messenger 4. Exogenous administration of the putative second messenger should mimic the biological response resulting from stimulating first messenger receptors 5. , cyclic AMP or inositoltrisphosphate, the cellular amounts of free arachidonate are finely tuned by a balance between receptor-dependent formation and enzymatic disposition.

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