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They raise their ;w Arabic: karubiyun, sg. karub, karubl. Biblical cherub, angelic creature (Mod. Hebrew: keruv, keruvim), Gen. 3:24 and elsewhere. " 24 LIVES OF THE PROPHETS voices in exaltation, looking at the Throne, never blinking their eyes. If even one among them were to spread his wing, he would cover the world with a single feather of his wing. And God alone knows their number. , the white cloud) there is a distance as between the seven heavens and the seven earths. " Chapter v The Days During which God Created Tilings The narrators relate that God began the creation of things on Sunday (and went on) until Thursday.

Majuxi, English magi, magians. namely Zoroastrianisj. 2h A misunderstanding of the Zoroastrian attitude towards fire that must be kept pure, hence may not be used for cremating the dead. The usual procedure was the exposure of corpses to vultures. CREATION 15 One of the jurists was told that people were tempted by the words of this MajusT, so the jurist wrote to "Abdallah b. " Thus he silenced the MajusI, and he recited on this topic (verses) by Umayyah b. AbT 1-Salt:27 The earth is our refuge and it was our mother, In it are our graves, and in it were we born.

Chapter I On the Beginning of the Creation of the Heavens It is related in the well-known transmitted accounts that when God wished to create the heavens and the Earth, he created a jewel like the seven heavens and the seven earths; then He looked at it with a frightful glance and it became water. He looked at the water and it boiled and rose up, and was covered with foam and smoke. From the foam He created the Earth, and from the smoke Heaven. As He says: "Then He turned (istawa) to the heaven when it was smoke" (41:11)—namely, qasada.

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