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Marriage customs and comparable oral traditions in Bang smad Village, Bang smad Township, Nyag rong County, Dkar mdzes Tibetan self sufficient Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China. Villagers communicate the poorly documented Mi nyag language are documented, delivering particular linguistic and ethnographic facts, together with a Mi nyag-English thesaurus, maps exhibiting the distribution of Mi nyag-speaking groups, and diverse full-color photos of village existence and marriage ceremony festivities. Of targeted curiosity are the transcribed marriage ceremony speeches in the neighborhood given in Mi nyag and Tibetan.

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107. 6a-b. 12 allan h. 22 Unlike late Ming practitioners of the classical tale, Pu Songling tends to eschew the customary ambiguity of the classical tale, achiev-ing precise definition through the rich use of detail. In the opening to ‘Gengniang,’ for example, he demonstrates the attention to detail and the concern for smooth transitions that are a hallmark of the vernacular medium. Jin Dayong was the heir of an old Henan family. He was betrothed to the daughter of a Prefect You. Her name was Gengniang, and she was both beautiful and able.

Such comments are most often attached to Pu’s longer and more complex stories. Pu Songling’s ‘Danan’ is a story full of plot twists that bears some similarities to Li Yu’s ‘Shengwo lou’: like Li’s story, it is concerned with the series of events that leads up to a son’s reunion with his long-lost parents. 1569). Here, as in Li Yu’s comments, one can detect a note of self-congratulation. Pu’s tale ‘Qingmei,’ meanwhile, is reminiscent of Li Yu’s story ‘Fuyun lou’ (The cloud-scraper), detailing the com-plex series of events that allows scholar Zhang to marry both the resourceful maid Qingmei and the beautiful Miss A Xi.

In ‘Hu jia nü’ (A fox marriage), for example, the following passage is found as the story’s hero, boldly accepting a dare, prepares to spend the night in a haunted house: When he entered, he saw that sedge-grass had invaded the pathways. Artemisia and mugwort were growing as densely as hemp. 1113). 17 See Di wu caizi shu Shi Nai’an Shuihu zhuan (Zhengzhou: Zhongzhou guji chubanshe, 1985), 15: 251-58. See also Wang Linshu, “Tan Shuihu yu Liaozhai,” Pu Songling yanjiu 4, 1991: 101-2. 18 Di wu caizi shu, 5: 121-22.

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