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R't If a west storm rises: fall of the Westlaııd. 3 If Adad thunders twice: the land which has sent you hostile messages will send you messages of peace. 23 (see LAS II ADD. Dale: -671 Aug. (see LAS fi App. J). 26 ı AN-ıi ğug-nun nu'kur-te iğ-pür-u-ka li aı the soulce. KüR KIlI-ğd - a lainbow stretÇhes, lightning flashes: floods will become scarce becomes cloudy, it rains, a If Adad shouts on a day without clouds: üere will be darkness in the land. IE Ab 6 From Nabü-ahhe-eıiba. J)_ NABÜ-AHHE_ERBA 44.

M|^1] a-na mn-hi-ir-ti ıi-iş-b|at] In sivan (III) on the 16th day let him take upstream the rope of a b[oat]: his saving protective deity will guide [him] again and dr*ıımu-İal-li-im-[İü] again. it-td-na-ar-lril ,ğa'1FMU-KAM-[g,ğ] 6 From Issar-ğumu-ereğ. Fıll, Moon on 15th Day RMA 157D t If on the Rm 195 , 2 3 4 5 6 7 ı_1 d30 [,. ğ4 m15 MU_KAM-eJ 25. Full Moon on 16th Day RMA K733 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 15th day the molon and sun] aıe seen together: a strong enemy will taise his weapons against üe 1and; the enemy will tear down the city gates.

See LAS II App. cf. 2 ii 18 (Iefeffing to IğtaI). -nqp1iğtu-iddiı will come [on the xth] day. BA ğ |ğaLu]GN- be-li iq-bu-u-ni |as-sa]-ap-ra ıw-aş hi! BA DD{GR scribe of the temple, [as the k]ing my lord said: he is bringing the former ... e From the Chief Scribe. 3. rff] i-sa-kan ma-a tJD-mu an-ni-ful 4 |mı-i-nu tu-kalJa UD-L-KAMI nu-ka-a-la 5 |xx x x xtJD-mu] an-ni^u nu-ıar-ra 6 lxxxxxxxxlri1 lxxxl two lines broken away 9 lx x x x x xlxman ni? i,7-ri ,i.. iıl, UGU fuAMAR. DIRI ğu-u ğu-nu la e-mu-ru a-ni-nu la nö-e-mur-mı |x x x x' l;a-a-İıi ıa-q nu-tar-rq ma-a RMA 274B ı [Mannu-k]i-Harlan lwrote me] today: "The sun was [eclips]ed on ıhe 29th; hvhat day do you havel today?

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