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By Jean Amery

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At the Mind's Limits is the tale of 1 man's fight to appreciate the truth of horror. In 5 autobiographical essays, Jean Amery describes his survival -- psychological, ethical, and actual -- throughout the enormity of the Holocaust. primarily, this masterful checklist of introspection tells of a tender Viennese intellectual's fervent imaginative and prescient of human nature and the betrayal of that imaginative and prescient. Amery depicts the futile makes an attempt of the mind to deal with the overpowering realities of Auschwitz. His torture is perceived as a discount of self to the only actual, with an accompanying lack of religion on this planet. He struggles to return to phrases with exile from his fatherland in addition to his emotions upon returning to the rustic of his persecutors. ultimately, Amery, as soon as the utterly peripheral Jew, explains how entire popularity of his Jewish identification, as forced by means of his reviews in Auschwitz, is the one manner during which he can regain human dignity.

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O h yes, I know, I know. It is impossible to discuss here in detail the political “O p­ eration Bewilderment" of the postwar period, which defined Communism and National Socialism for us as two not even very different manifesta­ tions of one and the same thing. 6 As a hint, allow me to repeat here in my own name and at the risk of being denounced what Thomas Mann once said in a much attacked interview: namely, that no matter how terrible Communism may at times appear, it still symbolizes an idea of man, whereas HitlerFascism was not an idea at all, b ut depravity.

It was over for a while. It still is not over. Twenty-two years later I am still dangling over the ground by dislocated arms, panting, and accusing myself. ” Does one repress an unsightly birthmark? One can have it removed by a plastic surgeon, but the skin that is transplanted in its place is not the skin with which one feels naturally at case. One can shake off torture as little as the question of the possibilities Torture 37 and limits of the power to resist it. I have spoken with many comrades about this and have attempted to relive all kinds of experiences.

Thereafter I crossed so many borders illegally that even now it still seems strange and wondrous to me when I pass a customs post in my car, well provided with all the necessary travel papers. In the process, my heart always beats rather heavily, obeying a Pavlovian reflex. After we had arrived so “safely" in Antwerp and had confirmed this in a cable to the members of our family who had remained at home, we T he 41 42 At the M ind' s Limits exchanged the rest of our money, altogether fifteen marks and fifty pfen­ nigs, if I recall correctly.

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