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By Daniel W. Fry

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The discussions provided during this publication are provided within the wish that they could support
the layman, the start scholar, and maybe, even some of the extra complicated
students of cosmology, within the fulfillment of an method of the technological know-how that's
based upon uncomplicated knowing instead of upon the advanced and sometimes complicated
lattice-work of summary arithmetic which has been erected approximately it.
While it's actual that the language of arithmetic is a common language, it really is,
nevertheless, a language which has to be discovered ahead of it may be used or understood.
There are many individuals on this planet at the present time who wish to gather a better
knowledge and realizing of the character of the universe approximately them, yet who
have by no means had the chance to familiarize themselves with the language of
mathematics to some extent that may let them to persist with the trails in which
this wisdom is quite often presented.

It was once largely for those people that this e-book was once written. for that reason, basic
discussion, clarification and analogy might be substituted for arithmetic, to the best attainable measure. we'll chance, thereby, the scorn of the mathematician, yet could achieve the gratitude and
the comprehension of the non-math student.
Much of the cloth awarded in those pages was once taken from a sequence of lectures
originally written for the nice Western collage, and from the e-book, "Steps to the
Stars," which was once first released a few years in the past, yet whose easy suggestions are just
now starting to be authorized via cosmologists.

Since the learn of cosmology embraces the microcosm in addition to the macrocosm,
we will start this article with a attention of the main minute and primary
particles of nature, insofar as they're identified and understood this present day. we are going to
examine the forces which bind those debris jointly, yet that could additionally, less than
certain conditions, hurl them violently apart.

Physicists might criticize the ebook as being over simplified, but as we proceed our
examination of its textual content we may perhaps locate, to our shock, that the majority of the innumerable
laws or ideas of physics, that have been realized via such a lot of years of sufferer
observation, try out, and interpretation, may very well be estimated by means of the reader, even
though he could by no means have heard of these legislation or ob-served them in operation.

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If we assume the gravity to reside independently within each atom, our problem is solved as far as the man and the earth are concerned, but if we look within the atom itself in the attempt to find the point where the distance becomes zero, and the force infinite, we find that the same problem again confronts us. We have not solved it, we have only changed our scale of observation. There is conclusive evidence that the attraction, called the binding energy, which exists between the Newtonian particles, (the protons and the neutrons) is intense almost beyond our ability to describe.

In this last plan, we have achieved a certain degree of success. Instrument packages have been placed in orbit about the earth, one has been dispatched to the moon, and several have been placed in independent orbits about the sun. It does not appear however, that the proper solution has yet been achieved. When man attempts to attain his ends by pitting one natural law against another, he usually finds that it is a wasteful and laborious process. While it is true that it is perfectly possible to propel a rowboat by throwing rocks from the stern, it is not a method which an intelligent man would choose if he were aware of other possibilities.

We must be prepared to exercise a great deal of patience, because the forces involved, and the resulting accelerations are so minute that many millions of years will probably elapse before we can detect any significant increase in the number of particles per unit of volume. Nevertheless, all of the particles within several hundreds of thousands of light years are slowly but surely acquiring a velocity in our direction. As the concentration of matter at the center of our system increases, the intensity of its field will also increase and will add, not only to the velocity, but also to the acceleration of the inward moving particles.

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