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Auschwitz examines the heritage of the notorious Nazi loss of life camp—how it got here to be equipped and the way it used to be used.

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SS guards formed men and teenage boys into one line and women, girls, and younger children into another. VOICES I’m not going to see you no more Everything went so fast: left, right, right, left. Men separated from women … The sick, the disabled were handled like packs of garbage. They were thrown in a side together with broken suitcases, with boxes. My mother ran over to me and grabbed me by the shoulders, and she told me “Leibele, I’m not going to see you no more. ” Leo Schneiderman, Auschwitz survivor The selection process at Auschwitz: within minutes of arrival people were selected either for work or death.

They were captured, and Galinski was hanged while Zimetbaum committed suicide. In 1944 four women were hanged for supplying explosives from the munitions factory to members of the Sonderkommando. The Sonderkommando, believing they were about to be gassed, blew up one of the crematoriums and set fire to another one. They cut through the fence and escaped. Within hours, most of them were hunted down and shot. Another act of defiance occurred when a woman refused the order of an SS officer, threw her shoe in his face, seized his revolver, and shot him.

1 million people died there. They came from almost every country in Europe. The gas chambers built to facilitate their murder were efficient killing machines. The gruesome task of dealing with the dead bodies was carried out by selected Jews who were forced to carry out SS orders or be killed themselves. In an area at Auschwitz that once housed a gas chamber, a small shrine stands in memory of what took place there. VOICES Deceived into death They were told to undress and the SS said to them: “Remember well the number of your clothes-hanger, tie your shoes together properly, put your clothes into one heap so that you may receive everything on the other side … There is coffee waiting for you in the camp” … After they were naked they had to walk forward on the left side towards the gas chambers.

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