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By Paul T. V. James J.

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These conditions are as follows: 1. The near-unipolarity since the end of the Cold War 2. -based multinational corporations 3. The common enemy of transnational terrorism, which challenges not only the United States but the other major players as well 4. The difficulty of rapidly translating economic wealth into military power 5. The value of free-riding and buck-passing, especially for the European and Asian allies in the general security and economic protection that Washington offers In addition, weaker states no longer fear outright occupation and annexation unless they frontally challenge the hegemon, as Iraq has done since the late 1980s until 2003.

According to Layne, the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, have done little to change the big questions surrounding great-power balances and American hegemony. The attacks revealed, however, that the asymmetric activities of subnational groups contain elements of balancing by undermining the hegemon or raising the costs of maintaining hegemony. S. hegemony, especially if they weaken the hegemon internally. Rhodes sees the logic of balancing in Carl von Clausewitz’s trinitarian view of warfare: a state engages in war through its military, which is supported by the populace.

J. P. ”14 Others disagree with this view of an automatically functioning balance of power system and offer different conceptions. ” Historically this role is associated with Britain in the European system, and there is much evidence to suggest that British policymakers have self-consciously defined their role in this manner. ”15 Though scholars often refer to Claude’s distinction among automatic, semiautomatic, and manual balancing systems, that distinction is in fact rather blurred. The idea of states operating automatically, without “constant vigilance” and deliberate policy choice is not really plausible.

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