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By David Horowitz

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Important information regarding how the unconventional left operates. The Alinsky version pamphlet offers an research of the Saul Alinsky process for advancing radical agendas, additionally his technique of deception that he devised to advertise social switch

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The ones who did and who tried to build utopian communities failed. But the really serious revolutionaries, the ones prepared to burn down the system and put their opponents up against the wall, have never had a plan. What they had - and still have - is a vague idea 39 Ibid. of M “t “s se is us B se w ag sh w us is w sa A do he he ve in d r, s, n: de - he se he ur nd es es he ir n. ” These ideas are sentimental and seductive enough to persuade their followers that it is all right to commit fraud, mayhem and murder usually in epic doses - to enter the promised land.

Really? Curricula in virtually every liberal arts 29 Rules for Radicals, p. ” The mission statements of entire universities express a devotion to social change, which is also the routine subject of commencement addresses, often given by anti-capitalist radicals such as Angela Davis and unrepentant terrorists such as Bernadine Dohrn. ” Finally there is the inconvenient fact - for this particular myth - that America’s first black president, a community organizer and leader of an Alinsky organization himself, and a lifelong associate of political radicals, was able to run a successful campaign on a platform of changing the status quo, not defending it.

The history of all previous societies, Marx claims, is the history of “class struggle,” of war between the Haves and the Have Nots. Marx names them through time: freeman and slave, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, guild-master and journeyman, oppressor and oppressed. In Marx’s schema the capitalists in our era are the new oppressors, and wage-workers the new oppressed. Post-communist radicals have added women, racial minorities and even sexual minorities to the list. But to compare women and minorities in a democracy to slaves and serfs, or capitalists to slaveowners and feudal lords, as Marx and his disciples do, is delusional.

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