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Past Theodicy analyzes the emerging tide of objections to factors and justifications for why God allows evil and agony on the earth. in keeping with the Holocaust, impressive parallels have emerged among significant Jewish and Christian thinkers centering on sensible religion ways that provide that means inside discomfort. writer Sarah okay. Pinnock specializes in Jewish thinkers Martin Buber and Ernst Bloch and Christian thinkers Gabriel Marcel and Johann Baptist Metz to offer different rejections of theodicy, one existential, represented by means of Buber and Marcel, and one political, represented by means of Bloch and Metz. Pinnock interweaves the disciplines of philosophy of faith, post-Holocaust suggestion, and liberation theology to formulate a dynamic imaginative and prescient of non secular desire and resistance.

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Marcel’s phenomenological approach is a philosophical method that is religious, in the sense that it takes faith in God as a fundamental datum of experience. 6 Rather, his philosophy analyzes the existential attitudes and postures taken by persons of faith, found in actual life situations. Marcel wrote many plays for the theater that extend his philosophical reflection. He emphasizes that stories from his dramas are indispensable in giving the central elements of authentic existence concrete bearing.

Marcel’s assignment was to find out information about missing soldiers and communicate the news to their families. He found himself torn between two different responses to suffering. One the one hand, the missing soldiers were names on a page for him—mere statistics that he collected and recorded on filing cards. However, in personal encounters with family members of missing soldiers, he found himself empathizing with the suffering of others directly. Marcel writes in an autobiographical essay that “whenever possible, I met personally with the unfortunate inquirers come in search of news, striving to the greatest extent possible .

The existentialist vision gives a sober and even pessimistic portrait of human life. As a response to uncertainty and threat, existentialist thinkers seek constructive responses to life’s challenges. 2 The authentic subject is not a conformist individual, but someone with the courage to accept the burden of responsibility. Literature is used to 23 24 BEYOND THEODICY illustrate existential postures in context, and a number of existentialist thinkers like Sartre, Camus, and Marcel write literary fiction as well as philosophy.

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