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By Judy Dodds

ISBN-10: 1840761997

ISBN-13: 9781840761993

The fourth variation of a bestseller, this booklet offers, in a transparent, concise, and visible means, the most organic content material required through the entire analyzing forums for either the GCSE Double Award technology and separate Biology Award, together with IGCSE. it's also worthwhile as an introductory advisor for AS Biology. The fourth variation has been revised to incorporate new fabric on commercial fermenters and their functions, plus extra fabric on flowering plants.

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Why must the sex cells have half the chromosome number of the normal body cells? 3. The human fertilised egg contains how many chromosomes? Where have these chromosomes come from? 4. The fertilised egg, one cell, grows into an adult with millions of cells. Which type of cell division is this? 36 5. 6. 7. 8. In what process does an ovary release an egg? Where do the egg and sperm join in fertilisation? Why is mitosis necessary in a fertilised egg? How many chromosomes are in each cell produced by mitosis in humans?

Questions: Rise in numbers as plenty of food, space and oxygen. Time 1. What might cause the numbers in a population to increase? 2. What factors stop a population rising? 3. What is meant by a stable population? 4. How do rabbit numbers control fox numbers? What is this an example of? 5. What is a population? 53 Dodds 4e 2013 final v8_Dodds 3e layout v1 26/06/2013 7:53 PM Page 54 PYRAMIDS OF NUMBERS Size of box depends on number (not mass). The size of the box is determined by the number of organisms at each level.

Questions: 1. What causes cell expansion in plants? 2. What kind of cell division causes growth? 3. Name four specialised cell in animals. 4. What are the three stages of growth? 38 5. When are girls taller than boys (refer to the human growth chart)? 6. At what age do boys grow most rapidly? Dodds 4e 2013 final v8_Dodds 3e layout v1 26/06/2013 7:52 PM Page 39 ASEXUAL REPRODUCTION IN PLANTS (NATURAL) A rapid method of reproduction, but all offspring are genetically identical to the parent (clones).

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