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By Iain Campbell; Sam Woods; Nick Leseberg;

ISBN-10: 0691157278

ISBN-13: 9780691157276

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QLD, but they may turn up anywhere in nc. Australia and along the Strzelecki (SA) and Birdsville (SA–QLD) Tracks. 4 SQUATTER PIGEON Geophaps scripta 25–30cm/10–12in This is an uncommon ground-feeding brown pigeon with the brown upper breast and grey-brown lower breast framed in a white V running from sides to white belly. The contrasting black-and-white markings on face, chin, and sides of neck form an unusual pattern: a large white cheek patch dissected by a black vertical line below the eye and a horizontal one behind the eye.

5in Blue-billed is a distinctive diving duck, similar in appearance to its American cousin, Ruddy Duck (O. jamaicensis). Both are deep red-wine-coloured ducks with a black head and a conspicuous powder-blue bill. Females are less distinctive: all dull brown with indistinct pale barring. Blue-billed Ducks sit low in the water, usually with the tail submerged, but they can cock the tail, particularly in display, when it may also be fanned. When they realise an observer is nearby, these ducks will sneak into the reeds, but generally will come out if the observer remains silent.

5–39in A huge pied goose with some odd physical features, such as the hooked bill and a strange, helmet-like knob on its crown, which leads to its classification within its own, one-species family, Anseranatidae. 5m (5ft), especially conspicuous in the tropical north of Australia, where it often congregates in truly massive numbers, sometimes flocking in groups of thousands. Although currently still most abundant in the tropical north (n. WA, n. NT, and n. QLD), it is slowly spreading southward and can be found in smaller numbers in s.

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