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We will report the results of 1) our new set of calculations of the pre-collapse evolution of massive stars based on improved input physics, and 2) hydrodynamical calculation of the supernova explosion and the light curve. , explosion energy E, mass and distribution of 56 Ni , envelope mass Menv' and the progenitor's radius. Such information on the chemical and dynamical structure of the supernovae would lead us to deeper understanding of the mass loss processes before explosion and the mechanism that transforms collapse into explosion mechanism.

Before nuclear matter Symballsty. density 1984). non-rotating star. which may transport reached large-scale hydrodynamical deformations. Rozyczka and Hillebrandt. 1980; The further evolution may be significantly different from that of a 1981> . Hillebrandt. (Muller. Non-spherical velocity fields will also lead to non-spherical shocks introduce on is A rather Rapidly significant circulations than rotating fraction and on the a diffusion cores of thus may rotation more time even scales be energy efficient (Muller unstable could neutrino then to be and triaxial dissipated into heat at the boundary between the core and the axi-symmetric stellar mantle.

422. 197 Hillebrandt. W. 1986. in "High Energy Phenomena Around Collapsed Stars". F. Pacini. ed .. NATO-AS I C195. Rudel. p. 73 32 of Detailed synthetic spectra will show whether or not theoretical predictions made for heavy element abundances are correct. may now was the rather high explosion energy Hillebrand\. W. 1987. In "Nuclear Astrophysics". W. Hiliebrandt et al.. eds .. Lecture Notes In Physics 287. Springer. p. 335 Hillebrandt. W .. H6flich. P .. Truran. J. • and Weiss. A. 1987 a. 597 Hiliebrandt.

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