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By Steven W. Mosher

Having lived for 2 years between chinese language villagers, an anthropologist illuminates the styles and info in their lives and analyzes the consequences of political corruption, a black marketplace financial system, and a crusade of coerced contraception.

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Youth: Coming of Age in the Cultural Revolution 7. Sex, Love, and Marriage: Public Repression, Covert Expression 8. Women: The Socialist Double Bind 9. Birth Control: A Grim Game of Numbers 10. Political Campaigns: The Human Costs of Social Engineering 11. Political Myths: Peasants, Progress, and the “New China” Index Preface As part of the extension of ties between the United States and the People’s Republic of China heralded by the establishment of diplomatic relations on January 1, 1979, a cultural exchange program was initiated.

For ordinary Chinese these hotels are off-limits. Stretching around each of these alien outposts is a high wall—the one at the Dongfang Hotel in Guangzhou, for example, is 9 feet high and topped with metal spikes and glass shards—broken only by one or two entrances manned twenty-four hours a day by guards who sit in a sentry box checking all who enter and leave. While those who arrive in chauffeur-driven automobiles are not challenged, because only cadres of some rank have cars at their disposal, any Chinese who tries to enter on foot is stopped and questioned.

We would not eat rice until we had finished this bowl and more. Ah Shi began the toasts by “respectfully offering a glass to our foreign friend,” and we both raised our bowls high as a sign of mutual respect before downing part of the fiery contents neat. While Ah Shi finished the equivalent of several shots, I took only a small sip, all that the ritual minimally requires, for I had been the guest of honor at a number of feasts in Hong Kong and Taiwan and knew what was coming. Each of my other companions followed Ah Shi’s lead and raised his bowl to me in turn, and I received seven more toasts in quick and pungent succession.

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